Brett Guillory

Honest. Relentless. Fair.

Texas’s 38th District

Why Am I Running?

I love America. However, the country that I love is rapidly becoming unrecognizable. An elitist and socialist agenda has for too long taken aim at the very pillars of our society. Our values and culture are being undermined. Our education system is broken and is indoctrinating our children with a Marxist agenda. Our traditional family values are being distorted. Our history is being altered and erased. Our middle class, the backbone of America’s workforce, is being decimated. Our very freedoms, including those to express our own thoughts and opinions, are being restricted.


I am a working-class American and your neighbor, but I refuse to sit back and watch the power and money-hungry elites and politicians destroy this great country. I’m ready to fight for this country and for you.


I believe we don’t just need shrewd tacticians as our leaders but also warriors who will fight for us. I will bring that attitude to Congress. I will find new ways to reverse the Democrat Socialist Agenda that has plagued us for the last few decades and steer the ship back to our original American values.


These values and our culture are what make us America. Without them, we not only lose what makes us great and unique, but we also lose our country. It is imperative that we maintain an aggressive, unapologetic, and offensive strategy to regain lost ground in these areas and to protect the freedoms and values that are currently under assault. The Left doesn’t play by the rules, and neither should we.


We must be bold. We must fight back.


Election integrity is crucial to the stability and security of our country. Processes must be put in place that will ensure complete transparency in the system, safeguarding and restoring trust in our elections.


Our education system needs to be reformed. I will work to establish a 3-diploma system: Traditional, Career & Technology, and ROTC, all of which will truly ensure that no child is left behind. I will also work to mandate financial literacy as a required course for students. Additionally, I will ensure that Marxist ideologies and indoctrination such as Critical Race Theory (CRT) are not part of our children's education.

Media & Big Tech Censorship

One-party control of our mainstream media, pushing only party-approved, narratives and talking points must end. Big Tech must also be held accountable for allowing all Americans to voice their thoughts and opinions without being censored or de-platformed.

Border & Immigration

We must secure our border, stopping the flow of illegal immigration, crime, and human trafficking that is pouring across it. I will work to secure the border, advocate for harsher penalties for traffickers, while also incentivizing legal immigration, thereby, rewarding those who come here the right and legal way.

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